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10 Gifts to Give Yourself in 2010

January 1, 2010

1.  Time

“I don’t have time” is probably the biggest complaint that I hear from my clients.  However, my mom said it so eloquently yesterday in her most Southern voice, “People do what they want to do.”

Telling yourself that you don’t have time is an excuse that is robbing you of reaching your goals.  If you suffer from this complaint (and we all do at some point), then consider what you can remove from your plate in 2010 to make room for what’s most important to you.

When it comes to my time, I have this mantra:

If I don’t love it, then I don’t have time for it.

2.  Presence

How ofte n do you obsess about the past or worry about the future?  Both of which doesn’t exist in this moment.

Living in the moment sounds really woo-woo and almost lazy, but it is anything other than that.  When I really focus on what I am doing moment by moment, my productivity increases, my mind settles, and life seems so effortless.

So, how do you do something like live in the moment?  It’s really simple, actually, but it takes LOTS of practice.


When you work, work.
When you play, play.
When you exercise, exercise.
When you eat, eat.
When you read, read.
When you are with your kids or family, be with them.

Whoever you are with or whatever you are doing, give it your full attention without judgment or criticism.

One of the most beautiful and life changing gifts that you can give yourself (and those around you) is the gift of presence.&nbsp ; When you find your mind wandering, simply notice and come back to the present.  This is where your life exist.

3. Quality foods

Would you use water downed vegetable oil in your brand new Lexus as fuel?

Of course not!

You would probably use the upgraded #93 fuel to run your new toy.

Treat your body like that new Lexus.  Upgrade your foods.

Our bodies love nutritious, whole foods.  In return, our weight stabilizes, our joy increases, and we are much more efficient human beings.

Every cell of our body is impacted by what we eat, drink, and breath.  When given the opportunity, choose to fuel your brilliant body with the best fuel you can afford and find.

(By the way, you wouldn’t overfill the gas tank either, so learn to fuel your body with what it needs, not what your mind or heart wants.  BIG difference!)

4.  Laughter

Did you know that laughing increases circulation, boosts the immune system, invigorates the brain and decreases stress hormones?

My personal belief is that our society is WAY too deficient of good ole’ laughter.

When was the last time you really laughed?  I’m talking about tears-rolling-down-the-cheeks-belly laughter?

Maybe it’s time to visit a comedy club, rent a good comedy, or join a laughter club (yes, they do exist) and allow yourself to relax long enough for a good ROFLMAO scene.

5.  Exercise

Yes, the dreaded “E” word is actually one of THE best gifts you can give yourself.  Our bodies love, love, love to move.  When we stop moving, we start decaying, so find something you love to do that requires movement.

It does not necessarily have to take place in a gym.  In fact, the French are very active, and it&rs quo;s almost impossible to find a gym in many of the villages.  So, garden, walk, dance, stretch or play a sport.  Just get that booty movin!

6.  Forgiveness

Anger, resentment, guilt and sadness are often signs that we need to forgive ourselves and others.

When we forgive, we really unlock a whole new way of being in the world because we aren’t lugging around all those heavy emotions.

I recently saw the powerful act of forgiveness in one of my clients.  I’ll call her Alice.  Alice was over 200 pounds, and during our first two sessions all she could talk about was how upset she was that she had allowed herself to “get fat.”

Alice needed to forgive herself in order to move beyond the anger and create her most amazing body.

Part of forgiveness is understanding what was to be learned from the event and then removing the lesson from the pain and letting everything else go.

Alice discovered that her weight had taught her that she needed to get connected to her body, develop self-love and learn her true power.  She wrote a letter to the weight thanking it for teaching her the lessons she was meant to learn and then she wrote herself a letter of forgiveness.

Alice has lost twenty pounds since forgiving herself.

7.  Accountability

I am SO amazed at what people can do when someone is looking over their shoulder.  Having a person to report to and check in with keeps you operating at a higher level than you would on your own.  That’s why we have bosses, and that’s why I will always have a coach.

Needing accountability is not a character flaw or sign of weakness.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  It’s a signal to the universe that you are willing to play a bigger game in your life.

8.  Support

Support is defined as, “the act of bearing the weight of or strengthening.”

Life needs support.

Notice how nature supports itself.  The soil holds and nourishes the trees.  The tree houses the nests.  The nests hold the birds.  Support is necessary for nature to work optimally.

Humans are no different.  We need support, especially during times of change.

If you want to step up in your life and stop living behind excuses and negative beliefs, then give yourself the gift of support, something or someone that &l dquo;holds and strengthens” you.

Support can come in many forms:  books, friends, courses, coaches, therapists, music, etc.

As a coach, the support I offer my clients changes during the relationship.  Sometimes, I am more of the holder:  holding their dreams and visions in a safe place.  At other times, I am their strengthener:  giving them the strength to believe in themselves.  I don’t see them through their negative beliefs. Instead, I see them through a very clear lens that sees only their potential.

If you are wanting to play a bigger game, then seek out the support that will hold and strengthen you.

9.  Time-In

If you have children or were ever a child yourself, then you have probably experienced a time-out.  It’s that temporary pause and removal from an event.  It’s quite powerful after the screaming stops.

As an adult, however, I like to give myself the gift of a time-in.  This is when the world seems to be going SO super fast and my plate is a tad bit full, and I choose to stop and go within.  It’s my way of turning off the head chatter so that I can see things more clearly.

I may take a ten minute time-in or an entire day, depending on my priorities, but time-ins help me stay sane and actually increase my productivity.  A typical time in for me may include reading a good book, a stroll through the woods, a hot bath, massage, yoga or just wrapping up in a blanket and doing absolutely nothing.

The next time your world is spinning, instead of trying to keep up, simply step off the roller coaster for awhile and take a time-in.

10.  Investment in Yourself

Over the past several years, I have come to realize the power and beauty of investing in yourself.  You are your very best commodity. Your health, emotional well being and intellect will serve you in all areas of your life.

In this economy, I have witnessed the hesitation and fear that people are experiencing around the decision to invest in their own success. I have also personally experienced the transformation and opportunity that comes from overcoming fear and investing in my health and business.

If I had to place money on you or the stock market, my money is going on YOU!

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  1. Genny permalink
    March 17, 2010 11:56 am


    It is really a good piece of information for today’s working women. Seriously women are busy nowadays and have no time to think about themselves and what to do for their good-selves. So thanks for this information. I too try to follow this. Like this there is also another women site which provides many information’s and blogs for women and mothers so verify it you can get more related topics & informations.


  2. March 21, 2010 11:42 am

    You are so right. Time is the best gift you can give yourself. Time to growth in physical strength and stamina.

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